Develop your integrations

Create your own no-code integrations


To develop a GraphQL Editor Integration use the gecli create backend command to create your project. Then initialize the integration.

Data format

type IntegrationData = {
  name: string;
  description: string;
  value: string | string[];
  required?: boolean;

type IntegrationSpecification = {
  [resolver: string]: {
    name: string;
    description: string;
    data: Record<string, IntegrationData>;
    resolve: { name: string };
const integration: IntegrationSpecification = {
  'Query.objects': {
    name: 'List objects',
    description: 'List objects stored in database',
    data: {
      model: {
        name: 'Database model',
        description: 'Specify model name',
        value: 'Object',
        required: true,
    resolve: {
      name: 'lib/Query/objects',

Later on use the gecli gei integrate command to integrate your TypeScript file to the stucco.json


Init files needed to create the integration from your backend project to be used in GraphQL Editor No-Code editor or as npm package.


Integrate your files with the project's stucco.json


Publish your integration to GraphQL Editor for use in the GraphQL Editor No-Code editor.


Unpublish your integration from GraphQL Editor.

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