Store your GraphQL Projects inside the GraphQL Editor Cloud.

Workspaces are used to organize projects. Each workspace consists of all the workspace members invited to it, and their projects.

Creating a workspace

To create a workspace click the Add workspace button. Insert your unique namespace name and/or invite some members.

Member roles

  • Owner - Creator of the workspace. The team owner can add/remove/edit/view projects and members of a team. Only the owner can delete the team.

  • Admin - can add/remove/edit/view projects and members in a team (except for the owner).

  • Editor - can add and edit projects in your team.

  • Viewer - can view projects in read-only mode, seeing only the Graph part of the schema.

Inviting members

There are 2 ways of inviting members, both are in the Edit Team menu:

By email

Type in the email of the user you want to invite. It doesn't matter if they have a GraphQL Editor account. Simply click Add member and then set their role.

Click Magic links in the Edit Team menu. Click Create Magic Link, set the allowed domain, expiration date and the role you want to assign the recipient. Then share it with them and as soon as they click it they will be on the team.

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