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GraphQL Editor is the definiteve supportive tool for project development and management. No matter if you're taking your first steps in GraphQL or if you're an experienced developer, our Editor has a multitude of applications that will boost the development of your project and create value for your enterprise.

Better onboarding and communication

Visualization is key for improving onboarding of new team members and communication between them. The Editor proves itself useful as a project management tool as well: schema and data visualisation allows for an active input of non-tech team members, further supported by live collaboration and comments tools.

Mock frontend and backend

With communication between frontend and backend teams in mind, we created built-in mock backend and frontend tools that can be deployed with a single click. This is a breakthrough approach that lets both teams work on the project simultaneously and exchange the vision between each other and the management effortlessly.

Reusable components with GraphQL Libraries

GraphQL Editor can be used to create models you can base your future projects on. You can save time and effort by reusing designs and frameworks that you previously developed and injecting them directly into new projects. Using our GraphQL schema libraries you can do it even more efficienly than with schema stiching. With fully organised schema versioning and documentation you can easily backtrack the process of schema creation.

A great addition to your GraphQL toolstack

We've created plenty of tools around the GraphQL Editor that will improve your results and work experience even more. Even if you already use other GraphQL-oriented tools, you will find out that GraphQL has been a missing piece in your toolstack. The Editor is compatible with many other tools and programs, such as Zeus autocomplete library, and will fit into your GraphQL environment perfectly.
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