Faker engine

Engine for fake backend instant deployment

Our faker engine is responsible for deploying fake GraphQL backend with a fake GraphiQL endpoint that you can use, e.g. in Front-end development. The fake endpoint also generates fake data based on types from the schema.

To deploy faker you need a valid schema with at least a schema query type. If you don't have it defined, the editor will throw an error when deploying it.

To deploy:

Click Deploy mock backend to deploy faker. Click play with mock backend to open a deployed faker.
This is how our faker interface looks like

Define the way the values are faked

In our newest version of the Faker, you can define the way the values are faked yourself. You can either provide an array of values of which faker will randomly choose a value each time fake data is requested or use faker.js methods to fake the data with this marvelous library built into our engine.

Here is a short example of how values are faked inside explore-projects/twitter